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They are grouped by function to help you find what you have in mind easily. An alphabetical list of all elements is provided in the sidebar on every element's page as well as this one.

The following section contains a list of HTML5 elements along with a brief description.

HTML Cheat Sheet (New HTML5 Tags Included)

Each element can have HTML attributes specified. Elements can also have content, including other elements and text. HTML documents are delivered as "documents". The parsing process was also required to "fix" these errors as best it could. The result was often not correct i.

Only in the rarest cases would the parser abandon parsing altogether. As is generally understood, the position of an element is indicated as spanning from a start tag, possibly including some child content, and is terminated by an end tag.

The distinction is explicitly emphasised in HTML 4. Elements are not tags. Some people refer to elements as tags e.

Remember that the element is one thing, and the tag be it start or end tag is another. Tags are used to delimit the start and end of elements in the markup. The start and end tags of certain normal elements can be omitted, The contents of the element must be placed between just after the start tag which might be implied , in certain cases and just before the end tag which again, might be implied , in certain cases.

Certain tags can be omitted. NOTE: Omitting an element's start tag HTML 4. The DTD specifies which element types are possible i. It is part of general SGML behavior that, where only one valid structure is possible per the DTD , its explicit statement in any given document is not generally required. If one paragraph element cannot contain another, any currently open paragraph must be closed before starting another. HTML5 creates a similar result by defining what tags can be omitted.

SGML is complex, which has limited its widespread understanding and adoption. XML was developed as a simpler alternative. Although both can use the DTD to specify the supported elements and their permitted combinations as document structure, XML parsing is simpler. The relation from tags to elements is always that of parsing the actual tags included in the document, without the implied closures that are part of SGML.

Once the DOM of elements is obtained, behavior at higher levels of interface example: screen rendering is identical or nearly so. Part of this CSS presentation behavior is the notion of the " box model ". This is applied to those elements that CSS considers to be "block" elements, set through the CSS display : block ; declaration. HTML also has a similar concept, although different, and the two are very frequently confused. Block and inline elements have the appropriate and different CSS behaviors attached to them by default, [8] including the relevance of the box model for particular element types.

Note though that this CSS behavior can, and frequently is, changed from the default. However, it is quite common to set these with CSS to display as an inline list. In the HTML syntax, most elements are written with a start tag and an end tag, with the content in between.

An HTML tag is composed of the name of the element, surrounded by angle brackets. An end tag also has a slash after the opening angle bracket, to distinguish it from the start tag. However, not all of these elements require the end tag, or even the start tag, to be present. A void element's behavior is predefined, and it cannot contain any content or other elements. For example, an address would be written as:.

This can be done by placing an end tag immediately after the start tag, but this is not legal in HTML 5 and will lead to two elements being created. HTML attributes are specified inside the start tag. This would be written as:. There are multiple kinds of HTML elements: void elements, raw text elements, and normal elements. They may not contain any children, such as text or other elements. The attributes included in the element will then point to the external file in question. Note that in the HTML syntax attributes don't have to be quoted if they are composed only of certain characters: letters, digits, the hyphen-minus and the period.

When using the XML syntax XHTML , on the other hand, all attributes must be quoted, and a spaced trailing slash is required before the last angle bracket:. Raw text elements also known as text or text-only elements are constructed with:.

Normal elements usually have both a start tag and an end tag, although for some elements the end tag, or both tags, can be omitted. It is constructed in a similar way:. HTML attributes define desired behavior or indicate additional element properties.

Most attributes require a value. In XML , those quotes are required. Boolean attributes, on the other hand, don't require a value to be specified. An example is the checked for checkboxes:. Informally, HTML elements are sometimes referred to as "tags" an example of synecdoche , though many prefer the term tag strictly in reference to the markup delimiting the start and end of an element. During the browser wars of the s, developers of user agents e. Other user agents may not recognize non-standard elements, and they will be ignored, possibly causing the page to be displayed improperly.

Subsequently, HTML 4. See HTML for a discussion of the minor differences between the two. Since the first version of HTML, several elements have become outmoded, and are deprecated in later standards, or do not appear at all, in which case they are invalid and will be found invalid, and perhaps not displayed, by validating user agents.

In HTML 4. HTML5 instead provides a listing of obsolete features to go along with the standardized normative content. They are broken down into "obsolete but conforming" for which implementation instructions exist and "non-conforming" ones that should be replaced. All four are invalid in HTML 4. All of these, plus two others, are invalid in HTML 4. While the frame elements are still current in the sense of being present in the Transitional and Frameset DTDs, there are no plans to preserve them in future standards, as their function has been largely replaced, and they are highly problematic for user accessibility.

A common source of confusion is the loose use of deprecated to refer to both deprecated and invalid status, and to elements that are expected to be formally deprecated in the future. Since HTML 4, HTML has increasingly focused on the separation of content the visible text and images from presentation like color, font size, and layout. HTML is used to represent the structure or content of a document, its presentation remains the sole responsibility of CSS style sheets.

Behavior interactivity is also kept separate from content, and is handled by scripts. Images are contained in separate graphics files, separate from text, though they can also be considered part of the content of a page.

Separation of concerns allows the document to be presented by different user agents according to their purposes and abilities. For example, a user agent can select an appropriate style sheet to present a document by displaying on a monitor, printing on paper, or to determine speech characteristics in an audio-only user agent.

The structural and semantic functions of the markup remain identical in each case. Historically, user agents did not always support these features. This is now regarded as outmoded and has been superseded by style sheet-based design; most presentational elements are now deprecated. In visual browsers, displayable elements can be rendered as either block or inline. While all elements are part of the document sequence, block elements appear within their parent elements:.

Conversely, inline elements are treated as part of the flow of document text; they cannot have margins, width or height set, and do break across lines. Block elements, or block-level elements, have a rectangular structure. By default, these elements will span the entire width of its parent element, and will thus not allow any other element to occupy the same horizontal space as it is placed on. The rectangular structure of a block element is often referred to as the box model , and is made up of several parts.

Each element contains the following:. As visual presentational markup only applies directly to visual browsers, its use is discouraged. Style sheets should be used instead. In an HTML5 document, the use of these elements is no longer discouraged, provided that it is semantically correct.

These elements can be combined into a form or in some instances used separately as user-interface controls; in the document, they can be simple HTML or used in conjunction with Scripts. HTML markup specifies the elements that make up a form, and the method by which it will be submitted. However, some form of scripts server-side , client-side, or both must be used to process the user's input once it is submitted.

These elements are either block or inline elements, but are collected here as their use is more restricted than other inline or block elements. Some elements in these proposals were included in HTML 3. Many of the elements used within tables are neither block nor inline elements. Frames allow a visual HTML browser window to be split into segments, each of which can show a different document. This can lower bandwidth use, as repeating parts of a layout can be used in one frame, while variable content is displayed in another.

This may come at a certain usability cost, especially in non-visual user agents, [54] due to separate and independent documents or websites being displayed adjacent to each other and being allowed to interact with the same parent window. Iframes can also hold documents on different servers. In this case the interaction between windows is blocked by the browser.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter use iframes to display content plugins on third party websites. Google AdSense uses iframes to display banners on third party websites.

HTML Cheat Sheet

When I started out with web development back in , I used to have a cheat sheet, too. If you wish to download this as. Follow us:. Subscribe to our Newsletter Once a week, no spam. Your email address will not be published. I just want to say thank you for all you hard work to put this out, this is really is a big help.

To use any of the following HTML tags, simply select the HTML code you'd definition list.. Definition Term. Definition of the term Attributes: Example 1: This is an example displaying the use of the paragraph tag​.

HTML Element Reference - By Category

Each element can have HTML attributes specified. Elements can also have content, including other elements and text. HTML documents are delivered as "documents". The parsing process was also required to "fix" these errors as best it could.

Having the right HTML cheat sheet with all the important attributes for lists, forms, text formatting, and document structure can be a true life-saver. Keep reading! This language uses HTML tags to structure web pages, so they will have a header, body, sidebar, and a footer.

HTML elements reference

You can manually override these default settings, or add other standard tags or attributes, to meet your own requirements. Use the PDF tags category to assign non-default PDF tags or attribute for individual elements, contexts, or conditions, or for property sets. The procedure below explains how to override the default PDF tag that has been assigned to an element based on its style.

HTML element

In HTML, attributes can be applied to basically any element. They modify the default behavior of the element or specify certain characteristics e. HTML attributes are always included in the opening tag. The syntax is rather simple:.

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HTML elements reference

Structural Tags

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The HTML Cheat Sheet You’ll Get Addicted To

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Having the right HTML cheat sheet with all the important attributes for lists, forms, text formatting, and document structure can be a true life-saver. For that reason.


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That means your HTML code has to be perfect or else it may not work.


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