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This chapter argues that effective peacebuilding strategies in Muslim contexts should engage Islamic conceptions of peace and justice, and work together with credible agents of peace, including religious leaders. It elaborates on Islamic principles of peace and focuses on religious actors as important agents of change in Islamic contexts. Muslim religious actors often have more legitimacy than secular peacebuilders in their communities; local communities respect them as religious leaders who know their religious tradition and history well. The chapter also discusses various challenges practitioners face. Finally, it explores ways to empower agents of peace to respond to these challenges constructively within their unique historical, social, and political contexts.

Crescent and Dove: Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam

Humankind is besieged with all sorts of conflicts. But instead of dealing them through peaceful means, we are often faced with its Darwinian resolution - "The Might is Right" concept, that is, the powerful resort to force and impose their will on the weak. But while this mechanism may apply to others of God's creation, it does not work for Homo Sapiens: Because we are endowed with a moral sense, which overshadows all our behavior. This moral dilemma requires tackling the underlying problem adequately. And unless it is tackled properly, the conflict persists: It does not go away and comes back in myriad forms, becoming ever more pernicious.

Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam: Precept and Practice

Peace Studies as an academic field has become well-established in academia. While Christian peace studies is a large sub-field, the scholarly literature on peace with regard to Islam is much smaller. Our initiative seeks to recognize scholars and activists who have already made key contributions to this field, and to encourage others to address it. We also seek to collect syllabi, bibliographies, directories of relevant academic programs and other useful information at this site. We will hold conferences and promote publication in this area. The Muslim tradition has been an important part of world history since late antiquity and is diverse and broad, straddling the globe.

How does this volume contribute to the field of religion and peacebuilding? The subject of peacemaking and conflict resolution in Muslim communities is timely. There are two active wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while radical Islamist groups threaten the stability of Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon and other states. The futility of counteracting extremism with military force is contributing to radicalization in Muslim communities; in the past ten years, the narrative of extremism has not diminished, flourishing instead among the disillusioned youth and middle class. Given these challenges, it is vitally important to reexamine the contemporary principles, methods, and approaches of peacemaking and conflict resolution employed by leading Muslim intellectuals and peacemaking practitioners in the Islamic world. Across the chapters, the authors have analyzed Islamic peacebuilding through various theoretical lenses of conflict transformation, ranging from theology and history to economics and gender concerns. What are the main concepts discussed in the volume?

Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution in Islam

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See Scriptures and basic explanations of several world religions : Links to English language sites only. See also the bibliography on Christian perspectives on conflict transformation, nonviolence and peacebuilding. Abu-Nimer, Muhammad.

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Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam: Islamic Perspectives on War, Peace and Conflict Resolution

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Islamic Peace Studies Initiative

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PDF | On Jan 1, , Eman Yassien and others published Conflict When a man said to the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam

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Emillen R.

Abstract: Nigeria, has had her fair share of conflicts right from the Aba riots of , the independence struggle of the s, the election riots of the s, the Kafanchan riots of the s, the Matasine massacres of the s, the Oodua People Congress OPC militancy and the Odi invasion of the s, the Niger Delta militancy of s to the present-day Boko Haram insurgency of the s.



Fundamentals of Islamic Perspectives on Conflict Resolution .. 14 p. 12, Available at


Peter J.

In the past years, the share of countries participating in any type of conflict has risen to be the highest since PRIO,


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