freeze drying of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals principles and practice pdf

Freeze Drying Of Pharmaceuticals And Biopharmaceuticals Principles And Practice Pdf

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Consequently, commercial freeze-drying processes are often neither robust nor efficient. It is the purpose of this review to discuss the scientific foundations of the freeze-drying process design and then to consolidate these principles into a set of guidelines for rational process design and optimization. General advice is given concerning common stability issues with proteins, but unusual and difficult stability issues are beyond the scope of this review.

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This book provides a detailed account of the most recent developments, challenges and solutions to seamlessly advance and launch lyophilized biologics or vaccine products, based on diverse modalities, ranging from antibodies e. The authors adeptly guide you through everything you need to know, from biophysical and chemical stability considerations of proteins, to critical assessment during process scale-up, technology transfer, packaging, alternate drying and device selection for a successful process validation, regulatory submission and launch of a stable, safe and effective product. Lyophilized Biologics and Vaccines: Modality-Based Approaches serves as a reference to all critical assessments and steps from early pre-formulation stages to product launch:. Chapters are written by one or more world-renowned leading authorities from academia, industry or regulatory agencies, whose expertise cover lyophilization of the diverse modalities of biopharmaceuticals. Their contributions are based on the exhaustive review of literature coupled with excellent hands-on experiences in laboratory or GMP setup, making this an exceptional guide to all stages of lyophilized or dehydrated product development and commercial manufacturing. Dushyant B. Varshney, Ph.

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There are four stages in the complete drying process: pretreatment, freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying. Pretreatment includes any method of treating the product prior to freezing. This may include concentrating the product, formulation revision i. In many instances the decision to pretreat a product is based on theoretical knowledge of freeze-drying and its requirements, or is demanded by cycle time or product quality considerations. In a lab, this is often done by placing the material in a freeze-drying flask and rotating the flask in a bath, called a shell freezer, which is cooled by mechanical refrigeration, dry ice and methanol , or liquid nitrogen. On a larger scale, freezing is usually done using a freeze-drying machine. In this step, it is important to cool the material below its triple point , the lowest temperature at which the solid and liquid phases of the material can coexist.

Freeze-drying, in the past popular in the food industry, has more recently been adopted by the pharmaceutical industry as a standard method for the production of stable solid preparations. Freeze-drying of Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals is the first book to specifically describe this process, as related to the pharmaceutical industry. The emphasis of this book is on the properties of the materials processed, how effective formulations are arrived at, and how they are stored and marketed. Beginning with a historical overview of the process, Freeze-drying of Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals briefly describes the processes and equipment involved, including: the physics, chemistry and biochemistry associated with freezing, aspects of formulation development, primary and secondary drying; the economics and engineering of scaling up; and, most importantly, attributes of the dried product. It also discusses in detail the science behind freeze-drying, such as the properties of crystalline and amorphous solids.

The Principles of Freeze-Drying

Overview DOI: This chapter provides an up-to-date overview of freeze-drying lyophilization with particular relevance to stabilizing live cells or viruses for industrial applications as vaccines or seed culture. The chapter discusses the importance of. The chapter discusses the importance of formulation, cycle development, validation, and the need to satisfy pharmaceutical regulatory requirements necessary for the commercial exploitation of freeze-dried products. Lyoprotectants, Sublimation, Secondary drying.

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Lyophilized Biologics and Vaccines

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Note: This document is reference material for investigators and other FDA personnel. The document does not bind FDA, and does no confer any rights, privileges, benefits, or immunities for or on any person s. Lyophilization or freeze drying is a process in which water is removed from a product after it is frozen and placed under a vacuum, allowing the ice to change directly from solid to vapor without passing through a liquid phase. The process consists of three separate, unique, and interdependent processes; freezing, primary drying sublimation , and secondary drying desorption. There are many new parenteral products, including anti-infectives, biotechnology derived products, and in-vitro diagnostics which are manufactured as lyophilized products. Additionally, inspections have disclosed potency, sterility and stability problems associated with the manufacture and control of lyophilized products. In order to provide guidance and information to investigators, some industry procedures and deficiencies associated with lyophilized products are identified in this Inspection Guide.

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The Principles of Freeze-Drying

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