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Calcium and vitamin D can significantly impact bone mineral and fracture risk in women. Unfortunately, calcium intakes in women are low and many elderly have poor vitamin D status. Vitamin D supplementation slows bone loss and reduces fracture rates in late postmenopausal women. While an excess of nutrients such as sodium and protein potentially affect bone mineral through increased calcium excretion, phytoestrogens in soy foods may attenuate bone loss ihrough eslrogenlike activity.

Physical activity effects on bone metabolism

Bone tissue can be seen as a physiological hub of several stimuli of different origin e. Their integration, at the bone level, results in: i changes in mineral and protein composition and microarchitecture and, consequently, in shape and strength; ii modulation of calcium and phosphorous release into the bloodstream, iii expression and release of hormones and mediators able to communicate the current bone status to the rest of the body. Different stimuli are able to act on either one or, as usual, more levels. Physical activity is the key stimulus for bone metabolism acting in two ways: through the biomechanical load which resolves into a direct stimulation of the segment s involved and through an indirect load mediated by muscle traction onto the bone, which is the main physiological stimulus for bone formation, and the endocrine stimulation which causes homeostatic adaptation. The third way, in which physical activity is able to modify bone functions, passes through the immune system.

The incidence of osteoporotic fractures rises exponentially with age and is increasing faster than the demographic increase in the aging population. Physical activity has great potential to reduce the risk for osteoporotic fractures. Three independent but interactive factors contribute to the risk of fractures: bone strength, the risk of falling, and the effectiveness of neuromuscular response that protects the skeleton from injury. Exercise can reduce fracture risk not only by preventing bone loss, but by decreasing the risk of falling and the force of impact by improving strength, flexibility, balance, and reaction time. Exercise intervention programs have reduced bone loss or increased bone mass in both men and women of various ages and initial bone status. These benefits have been shown for arm bone mineral content, total body calcium, spine, calcium bone index, tibia, and calcaneus. In both middle-aged and elderly women, physical activity intervention reduced bone loss or increased bone mass.

Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Bone Health in Women

Correspondence Address : Prof. Bone and skeletal muscle are the main components of the musculoskeletal system that functions as one unit to give the body shape, support, and movement. The maintenance of adequate bone health depends on a multitude of factors on the top of genetics, including nutritional factors, especially calcium, Vitamin D, and proteins, in addition to regular physical activity, particularly weight-bearing exercises and parathyroid hormone. These factors are most effective in building peak bone mass and strength during childhood and adolescence and these effects are maintained into adult life and beyond. This review will discuss how exercise and the main nutritional components perform their function in maintaining bone health, bone mineral density, and strength. Advanced Search.

Weight-bearing physical activity has beneficial effects on bone health across the age spectrum. Physical activities that generate relatively.

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Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disorder characterized by low bone mass , micro-architectural deterioration of bone tissue leading to bone fragility, and consequent increase in fracture risk. It is the most common reason for a broken bone among the elderly. Bones may weaken to such a degree that a break may occur with minor stress or spontaneously. After the broken bone heals, the person may have chronic pain and a decreased ability to carry out normal activities. Osteoporosis may be due to lower-than-normal maximum bone mass and greater-than-normal bone loss.


The Effectiveness of Physical Exercise on Bone Density in Osteoporotic Patients

Physical exercise and osteoporosis: effects of different types of exercises on bone and physical function of postmenopausal women. Physical exercise is an important stimulus for osteoporosis prevention and treatment. However, it is not clear yet which modality would be better to stimulate bone metabolism and enhance physical function of postmenopausal women. This review paper aims to summarize and update present knowledge on the effects of different kinds of aquatic and ground physical exercises on bone metabolism and physical function of postmenopausal women.

Physical exercise is considered an effective means to stimulate bone osteogenesis in osteoporotic patients. The authors reviewed the current literature to define the most appropriate features of exercise for increasing bone density in osteoporotic patients. Two types emerged: 1 weight-bearing aerobic exercises , i. Walking alone did not appear to improve bone mass; however it is able to limit its progressive loss. In fact, in order for the weight-bearing exercises to be effective, they must reach the mechanical intensity useful to determine an important ground reaction force.

Most people are familiar with many of the benefits of exercise, such as improving muscle strength and endurance, reducing the risk for heart disease and stroke, and preventing obesity. Perhaps not as well understood is the importance of regular physical activity in building and maintaining healthy bones. Inactivity causes loss of bone! Aging, along with certain diseases and medications, can cause bones to become very weak and fragile over time — a condition called osteoporosis. It often occurs in women after menopause, and in men in older age.

Physical activity and bone health. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, K.


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Lifestyle choices across the lifespan impact osteoporosis and fracture risk. Physical activity is a viable strategy for the prevention and treatment of low bone mass.


Royale L.

A better understanding of the role of exercise and nutrition in bone health is significant for preventing osteoporosis.


Alvina C.

Karim Khan (co-author of Clinical Sports Medicine) has gathered together an international group of experts to present Physical activity and bone health.


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