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Management takes place within a structured organisational setting with prescribed roles.

Strategic Change Management. Workbased Assignment for Diploma in Strategic Leadership (DSM/MBA)

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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Payal Mehta. Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Assignment strategic change management 1. Table of contents: Task Contents1 Understand the background to 1. IntroductionStrategic marketing deals with the big picture marketing planning. It analyzes how acompany can best satisfy its customers and make a profit at it. Strategic marketing planning isdirected from the top of the company and is extremely important in any for-profitorganization.

Several key principles govern strategic marketing. Understand the Marketplace and Consumer A company must identify the sources of demand for its products and closely analyze thecompetitive landscape in which it wants the consumer to prefer its products over those ofcompetitors.

The company must divide potential customers into segments and find ways to best satisfythem. Each segment may require a distinct marketing mix.

Deliver ValueWhile satisfying individual consumer segments and gaining market share is important, thecompany must add value to be successful in the long term. Strategic marketing planning mustbe build on a strong foundationa company has to deliver a tangible benefit to theconsumers of its products. Task 1. Its aboutstepping back from the execution-mode in order to examine and evaluate it from a differentangle.

In the traditional project cycle the monitoring and evaluation was done towards the end of theproject. This model changes that by considering on-going monitoring and frequent evaluationas vital parts of the implementation stage for a successful project.

Its important to recognizewhat is working and what needs to be changed on time. As a manager you need to becomestrategic and view your project from different lenses.

If you focus only the execution part andthe day-to-day tasks, how do you know that the selected project tools are workingeffectively? How do you measure the quality of what you are doing? What are yourindicators? In order to create a strategic management model that will support the current implementationand the long-term impact of the project start with the following questions:- What is the purpose of the project?

What would be the impact? What qualitative and quantitative indicators exist to back-upour success? Are they winners and are they losers? By taking the Organic Change Management model as the foundation, it will bepossible to illustrate the steps needed to start up a change process in order to implement thestrategic action plans.

Strategic change has been recognized as an important phenomenonbecause it represents the means through which organizations maintain coalignment withshifting competitive, technological, and social environments which occasionally pose threatsto their continued survival and effectiveness.

The study of strategic change has long occupiedan important position in the larger field of strategic management.

Strategic change has beenrecognized as an important phenomenon because it represents the means through whichorganizations maintain co alignment with shifting competitive, technological, and socialenvironments which occasionally pose threats to their continued survival and effectiveness.

Thus following all the models of strategic change, we can help our organization to reach tonewer heights. For this we need to know what basically the purpose of our project is and howit could be done. All the models of strategic change do help in improving the currenteconomic conditions. In many organizations, the time frameassociated with this type of planning is from three to five years into the future. Due to thistimeframe, there are several challenges associated with long-range planning.

To survive, they must be able toquickly create, deploy, and implement breakthrough strategies that help them to continually 4.

In doing so, they must be ableto align all internal and external resources around the plan. This sort of orientationnecessitates approaches to strategic planning that involve all employees and stakeholders inthe planning process and a planning process that can occur within a shortened time frame. Large group intervention techniques have emerged that more quickly effect large-scalechange. As such, they have been effective tools in dealing with some of the issues associatedwith strategic planning.

These approaches allow organizations to involve anywhere from 30 to hundreds, if not a fewthousand, individuals in working together to accomplish a common outcome. They may cometogether for a single day or multiple days or events. TASK 2: Understand issues relating to strategic change in an organizationStrategic Change means changing the organizational Vision, Mission, Objectives andofcourse the adopted strategy to achieve those objectives.

Because the performance of firms might dependenton the fit between firms and their external environments, the appearances of novelopportunities and threats in the external environments. In other words, the change of externalenvironments, require firms to adapt to the external environments again; as a result, firmswould change their strategy in response to the environmental changes. The states of firmswill also affect the occurrence of strategic change. For example, firms tend to adopt newstrategies in the face of financial distress for the purpose of breaking the critical situations.

Additionally, organizations would possess structural inertia that they tend to keep theirprevious structure and strategy. Wheninstalling a new application or implementing a new customer service initiative, mostorganizations view the installation or implementation as the end-point in the initiative. Whenthings start to go awry after implementation, individuals within the organization start tobelieve that the decision to proceed with an initiative was wrong and start trying to return totheir old ways.

In other words,Change begins with an Ending. Paradoxical as this might seem, every change involves givingup something and taking a leap of faith into the unknown. This is the time betweenthe implementation and the realization of the benefits of the change. These tools include a structured approach thatcan be used to effectively transition groups or organizations through change. When combinedwith an understanding of individual change management, these tools provide a framework formanaging the people side of change.

People who are confronted by change will experience aform of culture-shock as established patterns of corporate life are altered, or viewed bypeople as being threatened. Employees will typically experience a form of "grief" or loss. Because HR department of an organization is the main part and its processing need not to bechanged frequently, although the employees may change.

A strategic human resource management system HRMS must allow the adaptation ofhuman resource management practices and the knowledge and behavior of the employees asregards the immediate needs of the organization, which are shown in its organizationalstrategy.

On the other hand, a human resource management system must promote thedevelopment of a dynamic organizational capability that generates agile responses to theneeds of current organizational strategy. In brief, the SHRMS must facilitate strategicflexibility with the goal of reaching a dynamic fit and adequately answering the requests ofthe strategy and the environment. Human resource management must explore how theintegration and complementarities of resources, practices and organizational capacitiesfacilitate the achievement of the competitive advantage for the organization.

Then we mustanalyze how human resource architecture can shape human resource systems and practicestowards the development of organizational competitive capacity. Here the concepts ofinternal fit and external fit are really useful. Task 3: Be able to lead stakeholders in developing a strategy for changeStakeholders are those who have rights or interests in a system.

If you are concerned with thefuture of a system — the stakeholders are those you should worry about. This definition is too broad for some as it includesinterested parties as well as affected parties.

Change Management Assignment On Organizational Challenges

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Part A is the Literature Review. Part B is the critique of the literature. Students are required to select one of the themes from the five themes listed above and conduct a review of the literature that relates to that theme. Please select up to five journals to review on the topic. The journals must be from the top tier journals. STUDENTS who demonstrate deep learning, critical analysis, referencing reputable authors and integrating contrasting views on the topic from the literature will be rewarded by marks that reflect effort.

Strategic Change Management. Workbased Assignment for Diploma in Strategic Leadership (DSM/MBA)

The market changes, your customers change, the competition changes… Everything around your company changes, and you need to adapt quickly. All companies — with no exception — need to adapt to their environment. Whether it is by changing the offers, the processes, the strategies, or the products, change is a vital part of any organization.

For our national and international clients, we offer unique custom-made items and prototypes, as well as large series productions with worldwide logistics. The concentration of six different production workshops and an in-house logistics unit under one roof, an ultra-modern infrastructure and integrated processes and information technology IT systems guarantee maximum flexibility and reduced transaction costs while ensuring efficient production for our clients. Throughout the project, our project management has been in constant contact with our clients and has managed all production workshops, as well as the logistics and installation unit.

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Morgan C.

Defending your change management intervention is the final stage of this assignment. 1. Each syndicate will research and explain a change.



6. OVERVIEW OF THE LEADER'S ROLE FOR MANAGING CHANGE Change management is the formal process for organizational change, including a.


Jenny E.

This course unit will address the art of leadership and change management, and will focus (dantealighieriofpueblo.org)]. Alignment (​through Tutorial 5: Submit & Present Team Assignment 1 – Key leadership &.


SerafГ­n M.

Change Management Project: Option 2. The culture of an Environment, Organisation Structure, Politics, Leadership, but in this project I will focus on the culture of an dantealighieriofpueblo.org​pdf.


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