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It can be treated as a science, art or profession. There are three levels of management in an organization: Top-level, Middle Level, and Lower level management. Management is considered a science by some management experts and some others take management as an art. This controversy has existed for a long time and still not solved. According to J. It is an art creative art.

Some authors regard management as science because there are well tested and experimented principles of management, some authors describe management as an art because more practice is required in management and some authors consider that management is going towards the paths of profession. Image Courtesy : eurochem. To conclude whether management is science, art or profession, we must understand the features and meanings of science, art and profession and compare them with management meaning and features. Science can be defined as a systematic and organised body of knowledge based on logically observed findings, facts and events. Science comprises of exact principles which can be verified and it can establish cause and effect relations. In science organised and systematic study material is available which is used to acquire the knowledge of science.

The study of public management ought not to attempt to imitate—as do many disciplines in the social sciences—the research paradigm of the natural sciences. But neither should public management be dismissed as merely an unscientific art. Rather, public management is, in many ways, a combination of science and art similar to engineering. Engineering shares some of the features of science; yet it is not merely the application of science. Science asks why.

Management: Management as a Science, Arts and Profession

Management can be understood from various perspectives, and there are a lot of ways to define Management. Specific characteristics of Management signify that Management is a form of science, art, and profession in some cases. In this page, we will be discussing all the three points of view to ascertain the exact meaning and understand in depth. After you understand all the perspectives, the conclusion answers the question and allegiance of Management to one of the three domains. To understand Management as an art form, we should first understand the meaning of art. Art is defined as the ability to use information and skills to get the desired results. Artists have the ability to come up with unique solutions and art forms for complicated problems.

Everything you need to know about the nature of management. It is hard to define the nature of management. Different people look at management differently. While a mathematician defines management as a logical process, a psychologist considers it as an art of understanding human behaviour. However, such approaches are narrow as they look at a particular aspect of management, thereby, missing to see the subject as a whole. Learn about the nature of management as:- 1.

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Characteristics of management. 3. Importance. 4. Art, Science and Profession. 5. Management as a Process. 6. As a discipline. 7. As an – Mary.

Nature of Management

However, the usage and method may vary according to the situation of organization and time. They can use their skills in field of job performance, solving exceptional issues, forming objectives etc. Violation of code must be punishable.

Management as a Science: Science is a systematic body of knowledge pertaining to a specific field of study that contains general facts which explains a phenomenon. It establishes cause and effect relationship between two or more variables and underlines the principles governing their relationship. These principles are developed through scientific method of observation and verification through testing. Science is characterized by following main features: 1.

Management as a Science Science is a systematised body of knowledge that explains general truth or the operation of the general laws. Like science, management has systematised body of knowledge and has principles based on experiment and observation. However, the outcome of these principles cannot be accurately predicted, since it deals with human behaviour which is not constant.

Management is science because of several reasons like - it has universally accepted principles, it has cause and effect relationship etc, and at the same time it is art because it requires perfection through practice, practical knowledge, creativity, personal skills etc.

Public Management as Art Science and Profession by Laurence E Lynn Jr pdf

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Management as an Art, Science & Profession Management can be understood from various perspectives, and there are a lot of ways to define Management.

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