principles and practice of palliative care and supportive oncology pdf

Principles And Practice Of Palliative Care And Supportive Oncology Pdf

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Handbook of Supportive Oncology and Palliative Care is a practical guide to providing evidence-based and value-based care to adult and pediatric cancer patients experiencing severe symptoms and stressors due to cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, and comorbid conditions.

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Palliative Chemotherapy

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Supportive Oncology

Table of contents. See Advance Care Planning. Important and potentially difficult discussions are frequently necessary with palliative care patients who have active, progressive, far-advanced disease, regarding. Decisions must be individualised for each patient and should be made in discussion with the patient and family. The following guide is to help you plan for and hold such discussions.

SYMPTOMS AND SYNDROMES Pain: Cancer Pain: Principles of Assessment and Syndromes / Difficult Pain Syndromes: Bone Pain, Visceral Pain, Neuropathic.

Principles and Practice of Palliative Care and Supportive Oncology

Furthermore, inadequate treatment of cancer pain is a greater possibility if the patient is a substance abuser. In this paper, we will explore pertinent conceptual and clinical aspects of addiction that can assist in improving the identification and treatment of patients with substance use disorders. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

Content is primarily geared toward mental health professionals or those involved in supportive care of cancer patients but is broadly applicable to all members of the oncologic healthcare team. Best practices and models of body image care are reviewed and presented in such a manner as to be directly relevant to oncologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, speech and language pathologists, and other allied healthcare professionals. This book provides a comprehensive overview of available literature on body image outcomes with cancer populations and integrates scientific findings from the general body image literature that can be applied to the oncology setting. Readers are provided with a comprehensive theoretical foundation along with practical recommendations for assessment tools and intervention approaches that can be utilized by a range of healthcare professionals. Case examples are incorporated throughout the textbook considering different aspects of disease and treatment and are written from the perspective of different professional disciplines.

Supportive Oncology, by Drs. A multidisciplinary editorial team, representing the dual perspectives of palliative medicine and oncology, offers expert guidance on how to effectively communicate diagnoses and prognoses with cancer patients and their families, set treatment goals, and manage symptoms through pharmacological therapies, as well as non-pharmacological therapies and counselling when appropriate. The complete contents are available on www. Effectively communicate diagnoses and prognoses with cancer patients and their families, set treatment goals, and manage symptoms through pharmacological therapies, as well as non-pharmacological therapies and counseling when appropriate.

The only book on the market to cover palliative care for both adults and children, Pediatric and Adult Palliative Care and Support Oncology offers an easy-to-read, interdisciplinary approach to supportive oncology as well as end-of-life care.

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Download PDF. Why is chemotherapy used? From the perspective of the patient with locally advanced or metastatic cancer, chemotherapy is used with one of two intents: Hope for cure or hope for life-prolongation. Oncologists use the term palliative chemotherapy as a euphemism for chemotherapy that is not expected to be curative. What about chemotherapy used solely for symptom control—is that a realistic goal?

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The World Health Organization WHO defines Palliative Care as an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with fatal diseases, through the prevention and relief of suffering through early identification and impeccable evaluation; the treatment of pain and other physical, psychosocial and spiritual problems 1.



Then there began a writhing movement toward the altar, and Thoss welcomed the things as they curled their way to the altar-top.


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