treatment systems of water and waste water in debre tabor pdf

Treatment Systems Of Water And Waste Water In Debre Tabor Pdf

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Malnutrition continues to be a major public health problem in developing countries. It is the most important risk factor for the burden of disease causing about , deaths per year directly and indirectly responsible for more than half of all deaths in children.

Fresh water resources in terms of water quality is a crucial issue worldwide. In Egypt, the Nile River is the main source of fresh water in the country and monitoring its water quality is a major task on governments and research levels. In the present case study, the physical, chemical and algal distribution in Nile River was monitored over two seasons winter and summer in

Faculty of Technology

This is intended towards the utilization of the nutrients and the CO 2 in the wastewater and in the flue gases of the industry respectively by the microalgae during their growth. In the present study microalgal biomass production was conceptually coupled with a sugar factory. The potential of the wastewater and the flue gas of the factory to support the growth of the microalgae was evaluated. Likewise the possible reduction of pollution by the microalgae was studied. The outputs from the coupled process were determined using the material and energy balance approach with a spread sheet. It was found that there is a nitrogen deficit in the wastewater. With the supply of makeup nutrient,

This article provides to evaluate the quality of discharged water from Guna spring water treatment plant and to compare with WHO drinking water standards and Ethiopian bottled drinking water specification to reuse for potable water purpose. The discharged waste water quality analysis was conducted by Physical, Chemical, Biological and Bacteriological parameters of water in association with set of standards. All water quality parameter was determined in all unit process softener, sand filter, activated carbon and ultra-filter. Bacteriological analysis total coli form, fecal coli form and Escherichia coli type1 were conducted. We provided data set about Atomic adsorption spectroscopy AAS , Flame photometer, Turbidity meter, Photometer and Bacteriological analysis parameter were verified.

Water for Life

Bio removal study was done on sweet lemon peel. Actinobacter is a water living micro-organism which survives in waste water. Micro-organism Actinobacter immobilized on the surface of sweet lemon peel. The size of micro-organism is greater than the pore size of adsorbent. The removal of fluoride occurred due to the accumulation of bacteria. Adsorption and bio- accumulation process execute simultaneously but mainly fluoride removed by the bioaccumulation. Active sites of the adsorbent are blocked due to immobilization of micro- organism on the surface of adsorbent.

Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. Engineering Mathematics. The study aims at assessing the waste management system practice, challenges and impacts on environment. The existing household wastewater management in the Town is very poor and creates adverse impact on environment like health problem, river and air pollution.

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Settled in the historical town of Debre Tabor near to just mountain Guna, Debre tabor university Technology faculty offering higher education in the field of engineering and technologies since its establishment under Debre Tabor university. At present, we are training about undergraduate students in seven in regular programs and about undergraduate students in 5 in extensionprograms. We do have 20 wellequipped laboratories required for practical teaching and to deliver different technical support. Our teaching learning and research becomes more practical oriented and custom-made to solve the industry and community based technology challenges. The faculty teaching-learning, research and community service activity is supported by young highly motivated teachers, more than 30 technical assistants.

Show all documents It had closed type of questions that were commonly used in cross-sectional studies. The questionnaire was prepared in English, translated to Amharic and back translated to English for consistency. Two days intensive training was given for data collectors and supervisors.

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Lake Tana Watershed in North-west Ethiopia is the main source of life for millions of people. It supplies drinking water, watering for agriculture, food, energy and means of transport. But rapid population growth, intensified land use, climate change, industrialization with textile factories, tanneries and rice and flower farming, are taking its tolls on the ecosystems and their functionality. Effects such as eutrophication, dwindling fish stocks, invasive water hyacinths and declining water quantity and quality threaten the livelihoods of millions of people in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.

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