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Will And Going To Grammar Pdf

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Will, going to, present continuous PDF

Here are some ways you can talk about your future plans and intentions in English. These are activities that you know will happen, because you planned them and decided to do them. I am going to play tennis tomorrow. You are going to see your cousin next week. We are going to have a party this weekend. They are going to save up for a new car. Am I going to…?

Future tenses

I'll take you to the movies if you'd like. We use it in the following situations: 1. My team will not win the league this season. Prior Plan. When there are definite signs that something is going to happen. Need more practice? This is when you make a decision at that moment, in a spontaneous way.

Ans: A standard and widely accepted system of naming plants and animals is the binomial nomenclature. If a verb ends in a vowel and a consonant, the consonant is usually doubled before -ed. It is used before plural nouns. Independent clause ; independent clause. The verb is "to pass" and agrees with the singular subject. Modal Verbs. Have you taken up studying Spanish, or are you considering it?

It will rain tomorrow. 3. spontaneous actions: Hang on! I'll have a word with you. (​Phrasal verb = “to have a word.

will vs going to grammar pdf

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A: I'm about to fall asleep. When you are sure that you understand the lesson, you can continue with the exercises. A: I can't hear the television!

Lucy has the hair in her class.

Future - Will vs. Going to

Interactive Version - In this be going to interactive lesson, students complete a variety of exercises to help them learn how to use be going to for future plans, predictions and intentions. Interactive Version - In this going to or will interactive worksheet, students do an exercise where they practice using be going to for future plans and will for promises, offers, predictions and unplanned decisions. Interactive Version - In this future simple with will interactive worksheet, students complete a range of exercises to learn how to use will for spontaneous decisions, predictions, promises and offers. Interactive Version - In this future tenses interactive breakout room activity, groups of students use the future simple forms 'will' and 'be going to' to plan and present a holiday itinerary. Interactive Version - This will or going to interactive worksheet contains a variety of online exercises to help students practice or review will and be going to. Interactive Version - In this interactive future tenses breakout room activity, pairs of students complete and order two dialogues using will, be going to and the present continuous. Interactive Version - In this future simple review interactive worksheet, students work through a range of exercises to revise the future simple for promises, offers, spontaneous decisions and predictions.

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Some preparation has already happened. Pronouns Regular vs. Present simple worksheet. We can't use any continuous tense including the present continuous tense, of course with stative verbs. Present simple vs present continuous — use. Click on the button beside the correct answer.

Future simple (will) vs Going to vs Present continuous. PDF worksheets with keys​; Exercises with answers; Grammar rules with examples.

English grammar – Will & going to

We use be going to to talk about future plans and intentions. Usually the decision about the future plans has already been made:. We use be going to to predict something that we think is certain to happen or which we have evidence for now:.

More examples: The phone rings Julie: I 'll get it! I 'm going to go on holiday next week. Of course, this is possible, but normally we plan our holidays more in advance!

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Will vs Going to Quiz


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Interactive Version - In this be going to interactive lesson, students complete a variety of exercises to help them learn how to use be going to for future plans, predictions and intentions.


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