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But actually, they are just homophones i. Moreover, the difference between equity and equality helps us to understand the notion of social justice, social equity, social inclusion, racial justice and social security. It is about taking rationale and logical decision.

In this free course, Exploring equality and equity in education , you will explore your experiences and thoughts on equality and equity in education and be introduced to different understandings of these concepts. This OpenLearn course is an adapted extract from the Open University course EE Addressing inequality and difference in educational practice. Across jurisdictions and cultures, there are different policies and practices which result in some people finding it difficult to gain access to education — for example, education may be available in urban areas but not in rural ones, male learners may have priority over female learners, universal education may be limited to primary phase, religious tenets may preclude some learners from participating in education, families in poverty may not be able to have a child in school rather than in labour. All nations demonstrate some inequality in the quality of life enjoyed by citizens and struggles for equality and justice are widely experienced across the world. Notions of equality in education are not fixed but shift over time and place.

Why Understanding Equity vs Equality in Schools Can Help You Create an Inclusive Classroom

But actually, they are just homophones i. Moreover, the difference between equity and equality helps us to understand the notion of social justice, social equity, social inclusion, racial justice and social security. It is about taking rationale and logical decision.

It is mainly about treating everyone equally irrespective of being rationale or not. Equity focuses on individual needs and requirement. Thus, it is also known as a need- based approach. Equality is not affected by the need of the people or society. Equality gives same thing to all the people, irrespective of their need and demand.

It focuses on giving more to those who need more and less to those who need less. Here, an individual will only get what everyone else gets. Equity is positive discrimination. It refers to proportional representation by race, gender, class etc.

Equality might give rise to negative discrimination. It does not follow proportionality in representation. Equity is the means to reach to equality. In equitable approach, people are treated fairly but differently. In equality approach, people are treated equally but may be unfairly.

Equity focuses and stresses on social justice, racial justice, social inclusion and social change. Equality does not focus on social and racial justice.

Rather, it creates systemic barrier for social inclusion and social security. Equity is subjective. It differs from situation to situation and from person to person. Equality is measurable. It does not vary and neither matter whoever looks at it.

Equity respects individual differences and diversity. Equality does not give enough value to individual differences and diversity.

Equity justifies things on the basis of quality. Equality justifies things on the basis of quantity. It identifies the differences and tries to reduce the gap between the groups or race. It is not concerned with the differences or gap between two or more groups or race.

Equity cannot be achieved through equality. Equality can be achieved through equity. Proper analysis of the existing situation is needed to practice equity approach. No such analysis is needed is needed to practice equality approach. Equity principle works even if people do not start from the same point. Equality principle can only work if everyone starts from the same place.

Principle of equity is mainly prioritized by the government in its public policy and guiding documents. Principle of equality is usually practiced by most of the private organizations and agencies. While following the principle of equity, different instruction and action is taken for people of different race, gender or group. While following the principle of equality, there is no differentiated instruction for people of different race, gender or group.

Equity practitioners believe in equitable resource allocation and thus looks everyone differently. Equality practitioners believe in equal resource allocation and thus does not look anyone differently. Lack of equity i. Inequality does not always undermine social justice and fairness. Inequity is worse to equality. Inequality is better than inequity. Example of gender equity: Giving more nutritious and additional quantity of food to the pregnant and lactating breastfeeding women and adolescent girls, based on their dietary requirement.

Example of gender equality: Giving equal quantity of food to all the family members including pregnant and lactating breastfeeding women, and adolescent girls, irrespective of their nutritional requirement and need. Example of resource equity: When distributing a pair of shoes to the football players, giving a right pair of shoes to all the players as per their feet size.

Example of resource equality: When distributing a pair of shoes to the football players, giving same size of shoes to all the players without any concern to their feet size. Example of workplace equity: Difference in salary, benefits and rewards to the employees as per their work performance, expertise and specialty. Example of workplace equality: Same salary, benefits and rewards to all the employees irrespective of the difference in their work performance.

Conclusion: Equality is the end result that we all seek to achieve. But, to get there, we must first ensure equity. Equity ensures that those people who are behind socially, economically, politically, geographically etc. Therefore, although equity and equality are meaningfully different to each other, they are also deeply inter-related with each other.

About Sandesh Adhikari Articles. I am Sandesh Adhikari, a dreamer, thinker, researcher and an activist. Previous Programs Vs Projects: 23 Differences!

Exploring equality and equity in education

Enter content here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. The quality of education that students receive directly correlates to their quality of life years down the road. The key is equity.

Equity vs Equality. One of the differences is the fact that equality obviously denotes that everyone is at the same level, whereas equity, in business parlance, denotes the ownership of the shares of a company. Equality alludes to the identical apportionment where dealings, values or qualities are concerned. Equity represents fairness, or what may be termed as the equality of outcomes. This involves factoring in aspects of the system that have put particular groups at a disadvantage. Equity, on the other hand, would mean that they take the sensible option, and divide it according to their needs, i.

Exploring equality and equity in education

However, there are crucial differences between equity and equality. These are important to understand, especially when it comes to education. When applying this definition to social structures — like education, politics, and government — equality means that all segments of society have the same level of support and opportunity. It ensures that people in different social statuses or groups will not be discriminated against. After this ruling, schools became integrated, and it led to the Civil Rights Act of

While the terms equity and equality may sound similar, the implementation of one versus the other can lead to dramatically different outcomes for marginalized people. Equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities. Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

What’s the Difference Between Equity and Equality?

The Difference Between Educational Equality, Equity, and Justice... and Why it Matters

In the U. Every day, teachers straddle the line between equality and equity in education. That is, providing students the same education as opposed to providing students an education in the specific personalized way they need it. Providing more equity in education levels the playing field for students who start from behind compared to others. Equality denotes how people are treated, such as providing students an equal amount of respect or an equal amount of instruction.

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Equity in education is a goal everyone in education can get behind.



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