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Three major forms of DNA are double stranded and connected by interactions between complementary base pairs. Bases fit in the double helical model if pyrimidine on one strand is always paired with purine on the other.

NCBI Bookshelf. The double-helical structure of DNA deduced by Watson and Crick immediately suggested how genetic information is stored and replicated. As was discussed earlier Section 5. Two polynucleotide chains running in opposite directions coil around a common axis to form a right-handed double helix. Purine and pyrimidine bases are on the inside of the helix, whereas phosphate and deoxyribose units are on the outside.

Left-Handed DNA Has a Biological Role Within a Dynamic Genetic Code

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Methylation of cytosine at the 5-carbon position 5mC is observed in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. In humans, DNA methylation at CpG sites plays an important role in gene regulation and has been implicated in development, gene silencing, and cancer. In addition, the CpG dinucleotide is a known hot spot for pathologic mutations genome-wide. CpG tracts may adopt left-handed Z-DNA conformations, which have also been implicated in gene regulation and genomic instability. Methylation facilitates this B-Z transition but the underlying mechanism remains unclear.

Whether this bizarre form of DNA existed in cells and had any function, and what that might be, was hotly debated for nearly half a century. But research has recently confirmed its biological relevance. So-called Z-DNA is now thought to play roles in cancer and autoimmune diseases, and last year scientists confirmed its link to three inherited neurological disorders. Today, molecular biologists are beginning to understand that certain stretches of DNA can flip from the right- to the left-handed conformation as part of a dynamic code that controls how some RNA transcripts are edited. The hunt is now on to discover drugs that could target Z-DNA and the proteins that bind to it, in order to manipulate the expression of local genes. In addition, every other base in a stretch of Z-DNA takes on a different orientation relative to the sugar backbone than the arrangement in B-DNA, giving this alternative form of DNA the zig-zag shape for which it was named.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Vladimir N. Potaman and Richard R. Also discussed are the requirements for the formation of alternative DNA structures, as well as their possible biological roles. The formation of non-B-DNA within certain sequence elements of DNA can be induced by changes in environmental conditions, protein binding and superhelical tension. Several lines of evidence indicate that alternative DNA structures exist in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

In addition, the DNA may be able to exist in other forms of double helical structure. These are A and C forms of double helix which vary from B- form in spacing between nucleotides and number of nucleotides per turn, rotation per base pair, vertical rise per base pair and helical diameter Table 5. It has antiparallel double helix, rotating clockwise right hand and made up of sugar- phosphate back bone combined with base pairs or purine-pyrimidine. The base pairs are perpendicular to longitudinal axis of the helix. The base pairs tilt to helix by 6. The B-form of DNA is metabolically stable and undergo changes to A, C or D forms depending on sequence of nucleotides and concentration of excess salts. It contains eleven base pairs as compared to ten base pairs of B-DNA which tilt from the axis of helix by

There are three major families of DNA helices: A-DNA, B-DNA and Z-DNA. The helical structure of DNA is variable and depends on the sequence as well as the​.

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Moreover, we show how fluorescence spectroscopy and our cytosine analogues can be used to determine rate constants for the B- to Z-DNA transition mechanism. The modified cytosines have little influence on the transition and the FRET pair is thus an easily implemented and virtually non-perturbing fluorescence tool to study Z-DNA. Nucleic acids were first discovered as vectors of heredity in living organism and they are now also known to be involved in a variety of cellular processes like, for example, transcription, regulation and biocatalysis.

It is a left-handed double helical structure in which the helix winds to the left in a zigzag pattern, instead of to the right, like the more common B-DNA form. Left-handed DNA was first discovered by Robert Wells and colleagues, during their studies of a repeating polymer of inosine — cytosine. It was resolved as a left-handed double helix with two antiparallel chains that were held together by Watson—Crick base pairs see X-ray crystallography.

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2.5: B-Form, A-Form, and Z-Form of DNA

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DNA Forms: 7 Main Forms of DNA | Biochemistry

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