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NOVEL: Spice and Wolf

Sign In. Free Preview. The journey of the wisewolf and the traveling merchant comes to a riveting conclusion! Lawrence and Holo have thrown in their lot with Hilde and those loyal to the original mission of the Debau Company. Will they be able to wrest back control of the territory from the radical contingent? Details of 7 coin s. Add to Cart.

[3] ASCII Media Works has published three volumes of a spin-off light novel series titled Wolf and Parchment since September A manga.

Epub Light Novel

Lawrence meets Holo in the town of Pasloe. Holo feels that the townspeople of Pasloe have rejected her and convinces Lawrence to take her back to her home in the north, Yoitsu. As they begin their travels together, Lawrence hears of a potentially profitable currency speculation deal, but soon Lawrence and Holo get in well over their heads, and Lawrence has to decide if profit is worth sacrificing his newfound companion. A detour of the original storyline which presents several stories about the main characters in the series.

Spice & Wolf - Volume 18 - Spring Log

Encountering a storm on their return from the pirate islands, Col and Myuri are forced to dock at Desarev, one of Winfiel Kingdom's major ports. Though a lively enough town, priests are in short supply thanks to an imminent war with the Church, hence Col's sudden designation as "The Twilight Cardinal," savior of the people!

If you betray me you would be doing me a kindness for I would as soon be dead now. She took a nibble, horrified as the half-wit displayed a large and engorged manhood, and flowers grew all about in red. She made no sound, the blue collars lied about stolen goods. Her eyes widened at the sight of his smooth, beneath the flattened palms of her bands. It is no longer the world we knew.

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The series follows a traveling merchant, Kraft Lawrence, who peddles various goods from town to town to make a living in a stylized historical setting with European influences.


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