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Cash Flow And Fund Flow Difference Pdf

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Differences between Cash Flow Statement and Funds Flow Statement

A Fund Flow statement is a report, which explains the movement of funds during an accounting period. You can view this report in browser. The difference between the two shows the net change in the working capital during the period. Only those transactions that affect the net working capital of the firm, find place in this statement. The Fund Flow statement is a supplement to the two principal financial statements.

Answer The points of distinction between cash flow and funds flow statement are as below: Cash flow statement i It ascertains the changes in balance of cash in hand and bank ii It analyses the reasons for changes in balance of cash in hand and bank iii It shows the inflows and outflows of cash. Cash Flow and Funds Flow Statements Both funds flow and cash flow statements are used in analysis of past transactions of a business firm. The differences between these two statements are given below: 1. Funds flow statement is based on the accrual accounting system. In case of preparation of cash flow statements all transactions effecting the cash or cash equivalents only is taken into consideration. Funds flow statement analyses the sources and application of funds of long-term nature and the net increase or decrease in long-term funds will be reflected on the working capital of the firm.

Preparing Funds Flow Statement: Steps, Rules and Format

Cash Flow statement shows the changes in the cash position Inflows and outflows of a firm. It is an analytical reconciliation statement which explains the reasons for the differences between the opening and closing cash balances over a period. The financial position of any company can be better understood with the help of a cash flow statement and fund flow statement, along with the Balance Sheet and Income statement. So, take a glance of the given article to understand the difference between cash flow and fund flow statement. Basis for Comparison Cash Flow Fund Flow Meaning A cash flow statement is a statement showing the inflows and outflows of cash and cash equivalents over a period.

Cash Flow vs. Fund Flow: What's the difference?

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Funds Flow Statement in Tally.ERP 9

Read this article to learn about the steps, rules and format required for preparing funds flow statement with schedule of changes in working capital. For each non-current account on the balance sheet, establish the increase or decrease in that account. Analyze the change to decide whether it is a source increase or use decrease of working capital. Be sure the total of all sources including those from operations minus the total of all uses equals the change found in working capital in Step 1.

Even though Cash flow statement and Funds flow statement focus on the concept of fund, there are some differences between these two statements. They are discussed below. It is prepared on the basis of cash and cash equivalents. It is prepared on the basis of fund as working capital.

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Key Differences Between Cash Flow and Fund Flow Statement. Cash Flow statement uses the Cash basis of accounting. On the contrary, Fund Flow statement uses the Accrual Basis of Accounting. Cash Flow statement shows the inflows and outflows of cash, but Fund Flow Statement shows the sources and application of funds.


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The cash flow statement is prepared so that at the end of a particular period, the net cash flow of the company can be calculated. Fund flow statement is prepared​.


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