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Caia Level Ii Core And Integrated Topics 2015 Pdf

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Level II CAIA exam takers have to work through the following agenda: asset allocation portfolio oversight style analysis risk management alternative asset securitization secondary market creation.

Alternative Investments CAIA Level I ( )

CAIA march level i workbook 86 0. Successful FCE 10 practice tests new format self study guide 56p 56 1. CFA level 1 study guide sample 5 21 0. CFA level 2 study guide sample 10 35 0. Successful FCE 10 practice tests new format self study guide 56p 56 3, 4. Sybex oracle certified professional java SE8 programmer II study guide exam 1z0 1, 1. Wiley CPAexcel study guide auditing whittington o ray 0.

Wiley CPAexcel study guide financial accounting whittington o ray 1, 1. Wiley CPAexcel study guide regulation whittington o ray 0. CAIA candidate handbook march 37 0.

CAIA level II advanced core topics in alternative investments 2e sample black donald and hossein 72 0. HBS case study guide 0. B and C. H and D. You have to describe how the curve has changed AND argue why it changed by providing reasons and supporting the reasons with statements of facts e. You must assess the significance of the change in the tax rate for firm commitments A B C D Compare Describe similarities and differences Through increased supply of capital, firm commitments are expected to rise Through decreased supply of capital, firm commitments are expected to rise Through decreased after-tax return on venture investments, firm commitments are expected to rise Through increased after-tax return on venture investments, firm commitments are expected to decline Which of the following least accurately compares the Sharpe and Treynor ratios?

A B C D Differentiate Constitute the distinction between; distinguish Spread Average Spread squared Average squared What type of convertible hedge entails shorting a convertible and going long in the underlying stock? A B C D September Level II Study Guide Prime rate Discount rate Federal funds rate Call money rate Call-option hedge Traditional convergence hedge Implied volatility convergence hedge Reverse hedge You have to define, in this case, the federal funds rate Correct Answer: C You need to choose the word that best describes the concept from a list Correct Answer: B You have to differentiate one type of hedge from another Correct Answer: D Term Definition Question Example Example of Term Use Discuss Examine or consider a subject Discuss the limitations of private equity data You have to present a discussion of a set of ideas in a list or paragraph Explain Illustrate the meaning Explain why return on assets ROA rather than return on equity ROE might be the preferred measure of performance in the case of hedge funds You have to place a series of thoughts together as an explanation of a term or issue or Which of the following best explains risk from the standpoint of investment?

A B C D Identify Establish the identity Investors will lose money Terminal wealth will be less than initial wealth Final wealth will be greater than initial wealth More than one outcome is possible The investments that have historically performed best during periods of recession are: A B C D Commodities Treasury bills Stocks and bonds Gold You need to identify the term that best explains a term or issue Correct Answer: D You have to identify the term that best meets the criterion of the question Correct Answer: C Illustrate Clarify through examples or comparisons For two types of convergence hedges, what situations present profitable opportunities, how are the hedges set up, and what are the associated risks?

A B C D Amendments to the prudent man rule The rise of limited partnerships as an organizational form Decline in the valuations of small capitalization stocks The activities of investment advisors in the venture capital market Correct Answer: D You must relate effects or factors e. Candidates should refer to the CAIA website, www.

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst

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So what justifies this transition from traditional asset allocation to alternative investments and what are the benefits of alternative investments over securities such as bonds or stocks? While wealthy investors have historically always deployed capital in private companies, positive regulatory changes, technological changes and innovative ideas have greatly contributed to the rise of alternative investments. But most importantly, while dramatic market events such has the financial crisis caused economic turmoil and global uncertainties across the globe, alternative investments offered great performance during and after the crisis compared to stocks and bonds. Especially during distressed periods where capital is generally limited, active skilled managers are looking to deploy capital in the most productive way by funding innovative products, improving corporate governance of existing companies and enabling some firms to become more productive and efficient to increase their profitability. Investors can find opportunities that will suit their profile in structures that will also generally be tax efficient to accommodate the jurisdiction where they live. Investors seeking to preserve their wealth are increasingly adding alternative investments to their portfolio by choosing the new investment model over the traditional approach.

CAIA Level 2

CAIA march level i workbook 86 0. Successful FCE 10 practice tests new format self study guide 56p 56 1. CFA level 1 study guide sample 5 21 0.

The CAIA Curriculum provides breadth and depth by first placing emphasis on understanding alternative asset classes and then by building applications in manager selection, risk management and asset allocation. The Level I curriculum builds a foundation by introducing candidates to alternative asset classes and the role of active management in asset allocation and portfolio construction. Level II provides advanced coverage of some of the topics covered in Level I as well introduces candidates to recent academic and industry research. The business school faculty and industry practitioners who have helped to create our program bring years of experience in the financial services industry.

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What Is The CFA Exam? A Useful Beginner’s Guide

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Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association to establish an educational standard for individuals that specializes in the area of alternative investments hedge funds, venture capital, private equity and real estate investment and commodities. This is necessary because the realm and scope of alternative investments is dramatically different from conventional investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Therefore, a specific designation is necessary to distinguish individuals who are best qualified in dealing with this specific class of investment. The CAIA designation demonstrates mastery of alternative investment concepts, tools and practices and promotes adherence to the highest standards of professional conduct.

Search this site. Haddow, Peter M. Augusto, M. Huch, A. Kameas, J.

Caia Association - Caia Level Ii: Advanced Core Topics In Alternative Investments

The " alternative investments " industry is characterized as dealing with asset classes and investments other than standard equity or fixed income products. Alternative investments can include hedge funds , private equity , real assets , commodities , and structured products. The CAIA curriculum is designed to provide finance professionals with a broad base of knowledge in alternative investments.

They are employed internationally at nearly every major investment bank, asset management firms, hedge funds, consulting firms, and more. All CFA exams are now computer-based. Candidates can only register for the next level exam only if they passed the current level. In terms of pass criteria, there are no negative markings for incorrect answers. As one would expect, the average pass rates increases as one progresses throughout the 3 levels.

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