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Enzymic browning is an oxidation reaction that takes place in some foods, mostly fruit and vegetables, causing the food to turn brown. Oxidation reactions occur in food and non-food items. Enzymic browning is a reaction which requires the action of enzymes and oxidation in order to occur.

Inhibition and Control of Browning

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WO2003093133A1 - Inhibition of non-enzymatic browning - Google Patents

Polyphenoloxidase PPO is an enzyme that produces enzymatic browning, which causes numerous losses in the industry. For this reason, the characterization and inhibition of PPO are very important. Both enzymes are heat-labile enzymes and exhibited similar behaviour against temperature. The enzymes analysed showed a higher affinity for 4-methylcatechol than for catechol. The inhibition of PPOs through ascorbic acids, 4-hexylresorcinol, sodium isoascorbate and citric acid was determined. Additionally, the inhibitory effect of b-Cyclodextrin, which results in the prevention of fruit oxidation because it forms an inclusion complex with the substrates, was evaluated. The value of the constant of the complex formed was M

Phenolic compounds are partially responsible for color, astringency, bitterness, flavor, and nutritional qualities in fruits and vegetables Macheix et al. In fruits, they are the most important group of secondary metabolites, varying widely in quantity and quality among different species Macheix et al. In plant cells, phenolic compounds are located in the vacuoles, whereas polyphenol oxidase EC 1. Damaged areas in cells allow the contact between PPO and phenolic compounds, triggering the reaction known as enzymatic browning Vaughn and Duke, Several studies have shown that the enzymatic browning in apple pulp is associated with polyphenol content Murata et al.

Insects are investigated as alternative protein source to meet the increasing demand for proteins in the future. This study was performed on larvae of three commonly used insect species, namely Tenebrio molitor , Alphitobius diaperinus and Hermetia illucens. Oxygen consumption measurements on protein extracts showed activity on L-tyrosine, L-3,4-di-hydroxy-phenylalanine L-DOPA and L-dopamine, indicating phenoloxidase as a key player in browning. Furthermore, no reaction on 2,2'-azino-bis 3-ethylbenzothiazolinesulphonic acid was observed, ruling out an important contribution of laccase to browning. The browning reaction was most prominent at pH 6 for T.

These techniques attempt to eliminate one or more of the essential components (​oxygen, enzyme, copper, or substrate) from the reaction. The control ways of.

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Browning is the process of food turning brown due to the chemical reactions that take place within. The process of browning is one of the chemical reactions that take place in food chemistry and represents an interesting research topic regarding health, nutrition, and food technology. Though there are many different ways food chemically changes over time, browning in particular falls into 2 main categories: enzymatic versus non-enzymatic browning processes.

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Assessment of Enzymatic Browning and Evaluation of Antibrowning Methods on Dates

Food browning

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. Fresh cut fruits consumption is increasing, however keeping the food quality when processed is a challenge for the food industry. When the food is processed, some enzymatic changes can occur, being that enzymatic browning is one of this important degradation suffered by fresh cut apples. One alternative to reduce the enzymatic browning is the use of edible coating with anti browning components as vegetal extracts rich in phenolic compounds. The aim of this paper was characterize Uvaia Eugenia pyriformis Cambess leaf extract, evaluate the effect of sodium alginate edible coating formulated with uvaia leaf extract against enzymatic browning in fresh cut apples cv.

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Through an understanding of the structure and mechanism of action of PPO, and the chemistry of enzymatic browning, better prevention methods can be used.



The color changes from the natural accepted golden color to unfavorable dark brown color during storage.



4. 2% for the prevention of browning in fresh-cut products. In. addition to lowering the pH, citric acid also exerts its inhibi-. tory effect on PPO by.


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