contact angle wetting and adhesion a critical review pdf

Contact Angle Wetting And Adhesion A Critical Review Pdf

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Published: 22.05.2021

Protocol DOI: Wetting, the process of water interacting with a surface, is critical in our everyday lives and in many biological and technological systems.

Bio-Inspired Polymeric Structures with Special Wettability and Their Applications: An Overview

Contact angle methods are widely used to evaluate the wettability of cellulose-based surfaces and to judge their suitability for different applications. Wettability affects ink receptivity, coating, absorbency, adhesion, and frictional properties. However, due in part to the rough, porous, and water-swellable nature of cellulosic materials, poor fits between various theories and contact angle data have been observed. Such problems are compounded by inherent weaknesses and challenges of the theoretical approaches that have been employed up to this point. It appears that insufficient consideration has been given to the challenging nature of cellulosic materials from the perspective of attempting to gain accurate information about different contributions to surface free energy. Strong hysteresis effects, with large differences between advancing and receding contact angles, have been overlooked by many researchers in attempting to quantify the work of adhesion. Experimental and conceptual approaches are suggested as potential ways to achieve more reliable and useful results in future wettability studies of cellulosic surfaces.

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Chicago, Illinois, USA. November 5—10, A recent surface energy estimation method [1] interpreting contact angle hysteresis measurements was used to estimate surface energy of various commercially important polymer films including UV radiation cross-linked acrylic based monomer systems. The validity of the method was tested on highly hydrophobic non-polar amorphous fluoro-polymers using a number of polar and low surface tension liquids. Contact angle hysteresis was present on these surfaces even though surface morphology of the solution processed fluoro-polymers is close to ideal. Estimated surface energies using such probe liquids were consistent varying slightly with the probe liquid type.

Surface Wetting

Wetting is the ability of a liquid to maintain contact with a solid surface , resulting from intermolecular interactions when the two are brought together. The degree of wetting wettability is determined by a force balance between adhesive and cohesive forces. Wetting deals with three phases of matter: gas, liquid, and solid. It is now a center of attention in nanotechnology and nanoscience studies due to the advent of many nanomaterials in the past two decades e. Wetting is important in the bonding or adherence of two materials. There are two types of wetting: non-reactive wetting and active wetting.

Surface wettability and roughness of 11 Amazonian tropical hardwoods. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the wettability and surface roughness of 11 Amazonian hardwoods. Surface roughness was evaluated by a profilometer, while wettability was measured by a goniometer. Distillated water and phenol-formaldehyde were employed to study wood wettability. The Virola michelii and Trattinnickia burserifolia wood specimens analyzed presented different roughness values according to the surface evaluated, radial or tangential.

Performed the experiments: NJS. Analyzed the data: NJS. Creating surfaces capable of resisting liquid-mediated adhesion is extremely difficult due to the strong capillary forces that exist between surfaces. Land snails use this to adhere to and traverse across almost any type of solid surface of any orientation horizontal, vertical or inverted , texture smooth, rough or granular or wetting property hydrophilic or hydrophobic via a layer of mucus. However, the wetting properties that enable snails to generate strong temporary attachment and the effectiveness of this adhesive locomotion on modern super-slippy superhydrophobic surfaces are unclear. Here we report that snail adhesion overcomes a wide range of these microscale and nanoscale topographically structured non-stick surfaces. For the one surface which we found to be snail resistant, we show that the effect is correlated with the wetting response of the surface to a weak surfactant.

The Possibility of Changing the Wettability of Material Surface by Adjusting Gravity

The contact angle, as a vital measured parameter of wettability of material surface, has long been in dispute whether it is affected by gravity. Herein, we measured the advancing and receding contact angles on extremely low contact angle hysteresis surfaces under different gravities G and found that both of them decrease with the increase of the gravity. The underlying mechanism is revealed to be the contact angle hysteresis and the deformation of the liquid-vapor interface away from the solid surface caused by gradient distribution of the hydrostatic pressure. The real contact angle is not affected by gravity and cannot measured by an optical method.

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1. Introduction

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Surface-wetting characterization using contact-angle measurements

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It is not unusual for humans to be inspired by natural phenomena to develop new advanced materials; such materials are called bio-inspired materials.


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The theory of the contact angle of pure liquids on solids, and of the determination of the surface free energy of solids, γs, is reviewed. The basis.


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