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Capacitor Types

Electronic component symbols are used to denote the components in circuit diagrams. There are standard symbols for each of the components which represent that particular component. Here in this article, we are explaining some basic and mostly used electronic components with their symbols. Symbol of the resistor is represented by Zig-Zag lines between two terminals. It is a common and widely used symbol in schematics. It can also be represented by another symbol that has an unfilled rectangle between two terminals instead of Zig-Zag lines. The resistor is a non-polarized component that means both sides have the same polarity and can be connected from both sides.

In every electronic or electrical circuit , a capacitor plays a key role. So every day, the production of different types of capacitors can be done from thousands to millions. So, it is very important to know about each type of capacitor while selecting for any application. These capacitors range from small to large including different characteristics based on the type to make them unique. The small and weak capacitors can be found in radio circuits whereas the large capacitors are used in smoothing circuits.

Capacitors are manufactured in many forms, styles, lengths, girths, and from many materials. They all contain at least two electrical conductors called "plates" separated by an insulating layer called the dielectric. Capacitors are widely used as parts of electrical circuits in many common electrical devices. Capacitors, together with resistors and inductors , belong to the group of " passive components " used in electronic equipment. Although, in absolute figures, the most common capacitors are integrated capacitors e. Small capacitors are used in electronic devices to couple signals between stages of amplifiers, as components of electric filters and tuned circuits, or as parts of power supply systems to smooth rectified current. Larger capacitors are used for energy storage in such applications as strobe lights, as parts of some types of electric motors, or for power factor correction in AC power distribution systems.

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The Ceramic Capacitors has no polarity. Meaning they can be connected in any direction. They are breadboard friendly and can be easily used on a perf board also. The symbol for ceramic capacitor is just two plain lines as shown above since they do not have any polarity. Note: There are many types of capacitors ; however ceramic capacitors are the most widely used ones and this document is applicable only for the same.

To be able to read schematics you must know the schematic symbols. A large and a small line is suppose to represent one battery cell so that the image below would suggest a two-cell battery of 3 V. But usually people just draw the battery symbol with one or two cells no matter what voltage it is. Capacitors are either polarized or not. The symbols that are commonly used for the two are shown below. The schematic symbol of the resistor are drawn in two different ways. The american style resistor is drawn as a zigzag resistor while the european style resistor is drawn as a rectangular resistor.

One plate accumulates the positive charge and another plate accumulates the negative charge. The electric symbol of the capacitor is shown.

Different Types of Capacitors and Its Uses

Capacitors are manufactured in their millions each day, but there are several different capacitor types that are available. Each type of capacitor has its own advantages and disadvantages can be used in different applications. Accordingly it is necessary to know a little about each capacitor type so that the correct one can be chosen for any given use or application.

Capacitors are used commonly and useful as an electronic component in the modern circuits and devices. The capacitor has a long history and usage with more than years ago the capacitors are the oldest electronic component being studied, designed, developed and used. With further technology, the capacitors are come up with different types based on their factors.

Electrical & Electronic Symbols

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Most capacitors have a very thin dielectric and a very large Two common types of electrolytic FIGURE Schematic symbol for a variable capacitor.


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module introduces diffent types of capacitor and describes their www.​ click the PDF icon in the left column on the appropriate module, to download your Fig Basic Circuit Symbols for Capacitors. Fig


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The basic function of a capacitor is to store This creates an Electric Field, and the capacitor is storing the charge. There are all sorts of capacitor types.


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