clinical cases and osces in surgery ramachandran pdf writer

Clinical Cases And Osces In Surgery Ramachandran Pdf Writer

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Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery. 3rd Edition. The definitive guide to passing examinations. Authors: Manoj Ramachandran Marc Gladman. eBook ISBN.

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Surgical diagnoses are often made on the basis of clinical assessment alone and thus achieving competence in clinical skills remains imperative to good practice in surgery. This book of over cases is designed for candidates preparing for all surgical examinations, whether at undergraduate, postgraduate or exit examination level. It will demystify and simplify the clinical assessment of surgical cases and provides invaluable advice on how to achieve success. After being awarded a PhD for a period of original research by the University of London, he began higher training in general surgery as a specialist registrar, but later moved to integrated academic training as a NIHR clinical lecturer. He then went on to complete senior training fellowships in London and Sydney before securing his Chair in Surgery in Sydney. He is committed to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and career development.

Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery : Manoj Ramachandran

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Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery

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